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6th Annual World Congress on Insulin Resistance Syndrome (More Info)

Description: The world wide epidemic of obesity has reached frightening proportions and is driving an epidemic of diabetes and hypertension and is reversing the recent observed declined in cardiovascular disease. Through the work of Dr. Gerald Reaven and others it becomes apparent that the cardiovascular consequences of obesity are mediated by insulin resistance. The relationship between insulin resistance, obesity, dyslipidemia and hypertension was introduced initially by Dr. Gerald Reaven in 1988 as Syndrome X now the insulin resistance syndrome, frequently referred to as metabolic syndrome or cardio-metabolic risks/syndrome. Multiple definitions of the Syndrome have evolved as a result of the focus on the global epidemic of obesity and insulin resistance and their contribution to the development of CVD, diabetes, PCOS, liver disease, cancer and sleep disorders in both young and old. The serious clinical consequences of insulin resistance have achieved increasing worldwide attention. The World Congress on Insulin Resistance Syndrome (WCIRS) has become the most important platform where recognized scientists from around the world and experienced clinicians present and share their knowledge of the consequences of Insulin Resistance. The congress excels in creating a balance between research and clinical science, from bench to bedside. This balance has been the cornerstone of success for the meeting. The unique and exciting programs have allowed the participants to personally interact with the world’s eminent leaders in Insulin Resistance and further develop the understanding of its complex and multiple clinical presentations.

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