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Procedural Sedation With Propofol for the Non-anesthesiolgist Provider (More Info)

Description: As an increasing number of procedures requiring sedation are done in the outpatient setting, Sedation Consulting has developed this course to help physicians and nurses involved in sedation administration to minimize the risks associated with the anesthesia or analgesia being provided for procedural sedation. This course is designed to introduce non-anesthesiologist providers to techniques to safely incorporate the use of hypnotic agents for procedural sedation for ambulatory surgery and office based practices. Increase patient satisfaction and margin of safety by decreasing the amount of sedatives required and by virtually eliminating post operative nausea and vomiting. Patients are at less risk when recovery time is significately decreased from hours to minutes. *With the use of P/K anesthesia technique PONV (post operative nausea and vomiting) is decreased to less than 1% or 0.6% without the use of anti-emetics, 30% less anesthetic is required, outliers are eliminated, patient safety and satisfaction are dramatically improved. Course Objectives At completion of this course participants should be able to: Dispel the myths and misinformation surrounding propofol administration by non-anesthesiologists Oversee and delegate the sedation administration Describe the standards and regulations as related to office based anesthesia and analgesia Describe and utilize the necessary monitoring and emergency equipment required Demonstrate airway management using multiple devices Describe related pharmacology of sedatives, reversal agents and emergency medications Describe appropriate monitoring and documentation Develop acceptable recovery & discharge protocols Faculty Dr. Barry Friedberg, a board certified anesthesiologist, recognized as a medical expert in anesthesia by the California Medical Board in addition to the legal profession. His expertise has been lent to a number of peer-reviewed medical journals for review. Dr. Friedberg is also a contributor to the letters to the editor section in several anesthesia and surgery journals. Dr. Friedberg is considered a pioneer in propofol/ketamine or PK anesthesia techniques What Participants Are Saying: "The practice of medicine requires a lifetime commitment to learning and flexibilty to provide the best care for our patients. Unfortunately, the practice of plastic surgery tends to be inflexible and focused on the use of general anesthesia which in my opinion is more for the surgeonís convenience rather than the patientís in many cases. As it has been my focus to perform natural aesthetic procedures which are safe, under local anesthesia with light sedation and with a quicker recovery, Dr. Friedbergís contribution to my practice through his experience is truly appreciated." Amiya Prasad MD, Cosmetic Surgeon New York, NY "Barry Friedberg, MD (Anesthesiologist) has masterfully developed the PK Anestheisa concept and he has honed this technique to perfection. Take his course!" Robert A. Shumway, MD, FACS San Diego, CA

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