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Addictions Counselor Training (More Info)

Description: This is a combination of multiple classes on Addictions Counselor Training for a total of 400 training hours in the 12 core areas. Courses are self paced, and participation in the forums and webcasts is encouraged. All texts are available online and some can be ordered for free from The courses in this category of Addictions Pre-Certification training are designed to aid you in gaining the training and knowledge you need to sit for the Certified Addictions Professional Test. It is STRONGLY recommended that you take your time and really study each and every course. Forums, discussion questions and activities from the books are suggested throughout. Although they do not impact your grade for the course, they will help you internalize the information for the test and really assist you in developing your professional identity as an Addictions Counselor. Per conversations with the Board in 2006, the courses we offer are acceptable for hours toward preparing you for your certification exam. Information is provided in good faith. It is always still your responsibility to verify that the courses will be accepted. All of our classes however are approved by NBCC and therefore, accepted by most licensure boards. Therefore, if you are licensed and seeking certification, you will likely be able to kill two birds with one stone. All CEUs offers over 400 hours of precertification addictions training in all domain focus areas. We are developing a 12 session face-to-face lecture series to assist you in preparing to become a Certified Addictions Counselor through your state, NAADAC or NBCC.

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