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Detoxification TIP 45 (More Info)

Description: All of our courses are approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors, the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification, and National Association of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Counselors. This course on Detoxification is taught using text, narrated PowerPoint and mp3 audio. All course materials and reference materials are available free online. Objectives for the learner are: Understand the history of detoxification services; Identify the guiding principles of detoxification and substance abuse treatment; Identify challenges to providing effective detoxification; Identify the role of various settings in the delivery of detoxification services; Address psychosocial and biomedical issues during detoxification; Implement strategies for engaging in retaining patients in detoxification; Identify special considerations for patients needing detoxification including cultural diversity, single parents with small children, and financial barriers; Identify clinician characteristics most important to the therapeutic alliance; Understand the proper use of each psychosocial and biomedical screening and assessment instrument; Identify the clinical symptoms of intoxication and withdrawal from the most common substances; Identify medical complications of overdose or withdrawal from the most common substances; Define social detoxification; Identify the basic steps for management of delirium and seizures during alcohol withdrawal; Identify the different methods used for detoxification from each of the different most commonly used substances; Identify special populations, such as pregnant women, and special issues they may face during detoxification; Identify the general principles of care for patients with co-occurring medical conditions; Identify the general principles of care for patients with co-occurring psychiatric conditions.

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