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Wilderness Medicine Updates for the Backcountry (More Info)

Description: There is a growing trend of both medical and non-medical people to turn to backcountry pursuits for both relaxation and adventure. As the number of people increases, so do the incidence of medical emergencies – making it necessary to educate physicians to care for people in extremis in all conditions. Currently, the majority of wilderness medicine courses do not teach the application of the taught skills in the actual environment where they would be applied. And many current CME courses hold “workshops” that may actually be elongated lectures, without hands-on clinical skill building. This feedback comes from personal discussions while running lectures and workshops at various CME venues the last several years. “Wilderness Medicine Update for the Backcountry” is unique in that the course venue can act as a virtual “fifth faculty member,” and the high alpine backcountry of Terrace, BC Canada can offer hands-on teaching that is unprecedented, to the best of our knowledge, in the current CME courses being offered.

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